My research interests span the following areas.

  • Software Engineering (SE), programming languages (PL), and data science
  • Data science, SE & PL for data-intensive systems, and data-driven SE.
  • Modular reasoning about properties of software.
  • Advanced modularity and separation of concerns mechanisms and modular reasoning about such mechanisms.

Recent Publications

An updated list of publications is available from my lab’s webpages.

Research Projects

My recent research has focussed on data science and concurrency. My overarching research program is aimed at improving programmer productivity, and correctness of software systems that they produce. In particular, I am interested in designing new programming abstractions that abstract away error-prone concerns, improve modularity, and improve modular reasoning. By abstracting away error-prone concerns, and having compilers and programming frameworks automatically provide adequate implementation of such concerns, my research aspires to reduce potential for errors in software, and improve productivity. By improving modularity and modular reasoning, my research strives for improved scalability in both manual and automatic reasoning as well as verification processes. For more details on my research projects visit my lab’s webpages

Contact me

You can contact me using either of the e-mail addresses below. When writing, please substitute firstname with hridesh.