My research interests span the following areas.

  • Software Engineering (SE), programming languages (PL), and data science
  • Data science, SE & PL for data-intensive systems, and data-driven SE.
  • Modular reasoning about properties of software.
  • Advanced modularity and separation of concerns mechanisms and modular reasoning about such mechanisms.

Recent Publications

An updated list of publications is available from my lab’s webpages.

Research Projects

My recent scholarly endeavors have been concentrated on investigating the modularity of AI-powered systems, with a special focus on deep learning technologies. One of my primary concerns centers on the substantial financial and environmental costs associated with training, updating, and repurposing large-scale AI models like deep neural networks. To illustrate, it has been reported that the training of ChatGPT alone cost approximately $100 million, and updating its core algorithms involves significant expenses. Against this backdrop, my research aims to introduce more sustainable and efficient solutions by pioneering methods for the modular decomposition of these expensive AI models. This would enable the isolated reuse or replacement of specific modules, thereby optimizing resource utilization and potentially driving down overall costs.

My overarching research agenda is dedicated to enhancing programmer productivity while elevating the reliability of the software systems they create. Specifically, I focus on the development of innovative programming abstractions that mitigate error-prone aspects, bolster modularity, and facilitate modular reasoning. Through these abstractions, compilers and frameworks can automatically implement complex concerns, thereby minimizing the likelihood of errors and boosting productivity. Furthermore, by advancing modularity and modular reasoning, my work aims to improve scalability in both manual and automated reasoning, as well as in verification procedures. For an in-depth look at my research endeavors, please visit my lab’s webpages.

Contact me

You can contact me using either of the e-mail addresses below. When writing, please substitute firstname with hridesh.