Hridesh Rajan is a Professor of Computer Science at Iowa State University, and Professor-in-charge of Data Science Programs at ISU. His research interests are in Data Science, Software Engineering and Programming Languages. He leads TADS (Theoretical and Applied Data Science), a transdisciplinary research initiative of faculty and students in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Agriculture, and Engineering. His work on Boa is designing a family of domain-specific data analytics infrastructure to decrease the barrier to entry in data-driven discovery.

Prof. Rajan co-led (with Associate Deans Arne Hallam and Sriram Sundararajan) the committees that designed the Data Science Minor, Certificate, and B.S. degree programs at ISU. He founded the annual Midwest Big Data Summer School to deliver broadly accessible data science training, and served on the steering committee of the Midwest Big Data Hub.

Prof. Rajan chaired the graduate admissions and recruitment for Computer Science (2014-2019) nearly doubling the number of graduate students, directs the Laboratory for Software Design, and chairs the IT Subcommittee of the ISU Faculty Senate. Prof. Rajan is an ABET program evaluator.

Hridesh earned his doctorate from the University of Virginia in 2005, where he also got his masters in computer science. He received his undergraduate degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi (formerly IT-BHU) in 2000. He has been recognized by an NSF CAREER award in 2009, by the LAS Early Achievement in Research Award in 2010, a Big-12 Fellowship in 2012, an ACM Senior Membership in 2014, an exemplary mentor for Junior Faculty award in 2017, a Kingland Endowed Professorship in 2017, an ACM Distinguished Membership in 2017, and a US-UK Fulbright Scholarship in 2018. He was a Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies in Bangalore India from 2000 - 2001.

Academic Geneology

My advisor at University of Virginia was Kevin Sullivan, whose advisor was David Notkin. My academic genealogy goes all the way to Edsger Dijkstra.

In prior life, I worked at Bell Labs India, the R&D organization of Lucent Technologies. At the time, I was interested in bandwidth and power optimization issues in mobile ad hoc & sensor networks as they scale up. I still keep up with these topics.

Contact me

You can contact me using either of the e-mail addresses below. When writing, please substitute firstname with hridesh.