Data Science Minor and Certificate Approved!

Just received words from the Iowa State University Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost that the Data Science Minor and Data Science Certificate are approved.

The design and approval of these two new educational programs at Iowa State University had taken much of my time since Summer 2015. The design was done by an university-wide committee that consisted of Raymond Arrit, Arne Hallam, Chinmay Hegde, Kevin Kane, Dengpan Liu, Hridesh Rajan and Sriram Sundararajan. I served as the chair of this committee.

From the proposal, "The certificate is intended for students studying any discipline at Iowa State University with the goal of enabling them to work in data science. The certificate consists of nine credit hours of data science core courses, nine credit hours of data science electives, and a three-credit data science capstone that is expected to provide an experiential learning experience. The courses in the data science certificate are designed to provide students with the requisite background that would enable them to take jobs with significant data science components, e.g., establishing and operating data analysis pipelines. The capstone will provide an opportunity for students to apply data science concepts to a domain problem while working in a multi-disciplinary team setting."

Iowa State University Data Science Minor Proposal

Iowa State University Data Science Certificate

Written on May 23, 2017